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Intellectual Property is like any other property and the developed countries respect and comply with Intellectual Property India has to do the same. Historically, India was the seat of knowledge and wisdom, and India was the leader in most disciplines. Nalanda and Takshila were the seats of wisdom...
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 WHO-GMP Approved
 manufacturing facilities

WHO-GMP Approved manufacturing facilities for Oncology (Mumbai), General tablets and cephalosporin (Uttaranchal near Delhi) 


KLAB Veterinary Oncology  
Cancer is a major cause of death in pet animals particularly in Dogs & Cats.Klab is an animal friendly company & provides Oncology products for animals even at cost.-

KLAB provides cancer medicines at cost to needy patients /Non Profit Organisation/animals.On a case to case basis depending on availability. cancer medicine 

Personal User Import Policy.  The FDA does not control the Doctor or the patient .The patient is free to import unregistered medicines for his personal use. Several countries do not have adequate Insurance coverage for cancer treatment as also the government are not providing free treatment.

The USFDA import policy guideline for personal use.

The USFDA controls the manufacturer are not
   the Doctor or the patient.


Hydroxyurea,Imatinib,Letrozole,Methotrexate,Tamoxifen & Zoledronic .

Irinotecan,Oxaliplatin,Paclitaxel, Pemetrexed,Temozolomide & Vincristine.

Camylofin Dihydrochloride, Doxapram Hydrochloride, Glycopyrrolate, Isocarboxazid, Leflunomide, Modafinil, Otilonium bromide.

Klab is having formulation & API dossiers available both in CTD as well as country specific formats.The API documents available are equivalent to CTD(Europe),DMF(US) standards subject to site approval. KLAB has got WHO GMP/cGMP/ISO14001/ISO9001/GLP certifications

Intellectual Property

 Nano Silver Gel - KLAB has received Drugs Controller General of India approval for its Nano silver gel for manufacturing and marketing in India for burns,cuts and wounds. Klab has also got a product patent granted for India..
KLAB has given Hetero non exclusive marketing rights for India.

KLAB has been granted a product & process patent for the following products:
Cefixime+Cloxacillin+Lactobacillus, Cefixime O.D.& Cefixime with Flavinoid.KLAB has a patent pending with Dicloxacillin.KLAB also has patents for these combinations internationally.
Methocarbamol (Skeletal Muscle Relaxant)
- Methocarbamol with Nimesulide tablet, Diclofenac tablet, Nimsulide dispersible tablet and Diclofenac gel.
Prenoxidiazine Tablet (Anti tussive).
Glycopyrrolate tablets.
Etoricoxib and Paracetamol tablets.
Methotrexate Gel.

KLAB is manufacturing formulations since 1945
KLAB’s Oncology formulations and factory (Mumbai) are registered in-
Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Malawi, Mali, Burkina Faso, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Srilanka, Bhutan, Iran & Pakistan .
Registrations are pending in - Bahamas, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela more...

KLAB’s general oral products facility (Uttaranchal, near .Delhi) is registered in Mongolia, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Srilanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Honduras, Mozambique, Nigeria & Kenya. more...

KLAB is supplying Onco API’s to Indonesia, Canada, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Pakistan, Australia,New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, Korea, Cyprus & Denmark . more...

KLAB is manufacturing Oncology formulations for M/S Ranbaxy, M/S Biochem (Zydus), M/S Hetero, M/S Glenmark , M/s Cadila , M/s Wockhardt , M/S Emcure  & M/S Zuventis, etc.. . 

Marketing Infrastructure in India
Klab's 350 Medical Representatives,80 managers meet 90,000 Doctors and 50000 Pharmacies every month, with special focus on Gastroenterologists, General Surgeons, Gynaecologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pediatricians and Physicians. more..

KLAB’s 24 Oncology Executives (EOB’s) meet all the Medical Oncologists, Haemato-Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists & Surgical Oncologists in India. They also meet all the Institutions & Government Departments for the Oncology tender business.

KLab has developed multifunctional Chiral Pools of Carbohydrates, Monosaccharides, Amino Alcohols, Oxazolidinones etc
KLab is developing an economical dendrimer system for cosmetic applications and drug delivery.
 KLab has filed for several patents using dendrimers as a delivery platform.

KLab has filed several patents for site specific deliveries



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